Questions about Offers and Results

I’ve been pooled to Selwyn – can I change to somewhere else?

No, but we think you’ll love it here! Pretty much everyone who gets pooled to a college different to the one to which they applied grows to love their new college very quickly. 

How do the pools work?

The Winter Pool is the way the University ensures that it accepts the best candidates, regardless of the distribution of applications between colleges. It allows other colleges to offer places to strong candidates when the college they apply to has filled all the spaces for a course. The Winter Pool takes place following interviews during December, such that the offer you receive in January may be from a college other than the one you applied to.

On the other hand, the Summer Pool is used on A Level Results day, and during the days following. If an applicant has missed the offer made by the college they applied to and the college can no longer accept them, but they are still a strong applicant, then the college may choose to put them in the Summer Pool such that colleges with unfilled places on their chosen course may instead make the student an offer. These pools ensure that the offers are given to the best candidates regardless of the college that they applied to. 

For more detail on the pools, read the University's information page on Application Decisions which includes information on pools and a downloadable winter pool guide. 

Who decides if my application is successful?

The application is decided by the College, rather than by the University. It will have been considered by both academics in your subject and the college admissions tutors and they will look at all parts of the application together. Many academics and admissions tutors will look over your application to ensure a correct decision is made. 

I’ve been pooled – how can I find out about Selwyn?

Make sure to read through the college website - there’s a lot of information in there. You can also have a look at the JCR website - this is run by and aimed at current students and it’ll give you a sense of what goes on in the college. Check out our Alternative Prospectus too!

If I miss the grade, can I still get in?

If you have missed your offer by a substantial amount, you are unlikely to be offered a place. If you have just missed your offer and are close to a grade boundary, don’t panic. The college (or another college via the summer pool) may be able to offer you a place if there are still spaces. You should wait to hear from the college: you may be required to provide scores and other information, especially if there is mitigating circumstances. 

There is more information on the University's "Exam Results - What's Next" page.

How will I find out about the decision?

You will find out whether you have been offered a place in mid-January. You will be notified via UCAS, and Selwyn then sends a letter with more information regarding your offer if you have been successful.