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Selwinfo Week 3 - Lent Term


I hope everyone is doing well. I can't believe we are in Week 3 already!

The minutes from last week's committee meeting can be found here:

Notable thing that happened in the JCR Meeting Last Week:

  • We set up the JCR Room Working Group which aims to improve the JCR as a space that everyone can enjoy.

If you have anything you would like to put in Selwinfo for next Thursday (09/02), please email by next Thursday afternoon.

The Selwinfo for this week is below.


  1. Reminder: Applications for Disabled Students' Officer are still OPEN — contact Elina

  2. Announcement from our new Welfare Officer, Oketa

  3. Library and Archives Meeting

  4. Reminder: Open Meeting this Sunday

  5. Notice from Ents Officers about Upcoming Events

  6. Crisp Packet Project at Selwyn Opportunities & Events

  7. Opportunity to contribute to the JCR website

  8. Applications for the Selwyn Snowball 2023 Committee are OPEN

  9. Pink Week Events — Sign Up!

  10. Behavioural Study Survey

  11. Summer Job Opportunity — Cambridge Residential

  12. Christian Union Events Week: 6-10th Feb


  1. Apply to be the Disabled Students' Officer on the 2023 Committee

Reminder that for the unfilled role of Disabled Students' Officer, we are not running an official election with a hard deadline. Anyone interested in applying please contact Elina ( with your manifesto (proposed and seconded by two undergraduates not on the JCR committee) and the JCR will then conduct a formal election process. To those unsure of whether to apply, please read the standing orders ( and contact any member of the committee if you have any questions.

2. Announcement from Oketa, Welfare Officer

'Hi everyone, I'm Oketa (she/her) and I would just like to introduce myself as your new welfare officer. Stefan has already sent out a detailed email so for more specifics please reference that. I would just like to let you all know that my welfare hours are on Saturdays, 4-6 pm. Here is the booking form: Also, here is my form to fill out requests for sexual health supplies and attack alarms: Please email me ( with any questions or suggestions that you have- I am always open to new ideas and would love to hear your feedback 🙂'

3. Library and Archives Meeting

'Hi everyone, I’m Sam, your Development and Education Officer for 2023. Next week I will attend the college Library and Archives meeting. Please do send me an email (smj64) or fill in this form if you have anything you’d like me to raise at the meeting :)'

4. JCR Open Meeting on Sunday

This Sunday (5th Feb) is an Open Meeting, held in the Chadwick Room at 3:30pm. This is a great opportunity to bring questions to the JCR and to hear motions from all undergraduate students. As well as hearing any motions, the JCR's termly Charity Fund will also be allocated this Sunday, the charity decided by a vote with a simple majority.

5. Notice from Ents Officers about Upcoming Events

'Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about a couple of events coming up this week: We've got the Robinson May Ball Launch Party on Wednesday the 8th - you may have seen on the Instagram, this will include a Grange Road bar crawl (Newnham, Selwyn, Robinson), live music, a Robinson bop and entry to Revs after. Tickets come out tomorrow (3/2) at midday on Fixr - £5.50 for all of this?!🙏🙏 If this doesn't tickle your fancy, come to the Diamond on the 8th instead to support Pink Week!! We'll be holding a quiz with some incredible prizes, cheap drinks and great vibes so come down! Once again, ticket info will be coming soon!! With love from your favourite ents officers xoxo'

6. Crisp Packet Project at Selwyn

Selwyn is taking part in the Crisp Packet Project this term, and we need your help! This UK-wide initiative helps reduce the amount of single use plastics that would otherwise go to landfill by turning crisp packets into survival blankets for individuals experiencing homelessness. The foil inside the crisp packet prevents the radiation of body heat by reflecting it back at the source, and as a result these blankets could potentially save lives - particularly during the winter months. All you need to do is collect as many empty crisp packets as possible, and put these in the labelled boxes in Hall, Plodge, and the JCR. Then, come along to our workshop during Selwyn Green Week (Week 7 - 2nd to 8th of March) to see how your crisp packets can be used to make insulating blankets. Date and location of workshop is TBC! To find out more about the Crisp Packet Project, check out their Instagram page - @crisppacketproject. Please email Sahar at, if you have any questions!


  1. Opportunity to Contribute to the Selwyn JCR Website

We are keen to utilise the JCR website more ( and the blogs feature on the website (as can be seen on the hompage). This could include artwork, short stories, articles, etc which you have created/written. If anyone is interested, please email me at the chance to have your work potentially published on the Selwyn JCR Website!

2. Applications for the Selwyn Snowball 2023 Committee are OPEN

The Selwyn Snowball is back again! The application process to be a member of the committee is now open. These roles are available to all students who are graduating from 2024 onwards and the sign-up sheet below will be taking applications until 6pm on Saturday 11th February. Roles are open to all students regardless of past experience or work! The link to the form is: We are greatly looking forward to bringing the Snowball back after the success of last year and we hope you will help us do that!

3. Pink Week Events — Sign Up Now!

Pink Week 💕 For Pink Week (6th-12th February) we’ve got a bunch of fun events lined up for everyone to take part in and help raise money for Breast Cancer charities. More details for each one in the forms below, remember to sign up and pay asap!! 💓Pink Week Pub Quiz 8th February The Diamond 8-10pm More information on tickets to be released soon! 💗Life Drawing 9th February The Diamond 7-8:30pm £5 💖Pink Week Lovehearts All Week £1

4. Behavioural Study Survey — information about university experience

“If you wish to partake in a behavioural study and/or have the chance to fund a students’ educationat no cost to yourself, fill out the questionnaire linked here (it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete): This study aims to better understand how one one’s identification with some of the major groups individuals belong to at university (especially college, university, and sports teams) are interrelatedand how these relate to how one interacts with the various groups they do and do not belong to. As a part of this study, you will be given the opportunity to donate to the hardship funds of various academic institutions. Not everyone’s answers will result in the donation of money to these institutions, but least three of the participants in this survey will be randomly selected and one of their choices of which institutions to donate money to will also be randomly selected and result in those institutions receiving the allocations of money specified by the participant in the survey. If you wish to participate, fill out this brief survey. It should only take 5-10 minutes. If you have any questions, please contact Liam McClain at”

5. Summer Job Opportunity — Cambridge Residential Reach Cambridge is a company which provides residential academic courses for international students and are currently recruiting students as supervisors for their summer 2023 programmes. Reach Cambridge is looking for responsible & motivated undergraduate students to join their summer programme team in a variety of onsite non-academic roles during July & August 2023. They are looking for candidates who are passionate and dedicated to contributing to a fun, safe and supportive atmosphere within a summer school for highly-motivated international students aged 14-18 years old. They offer a supportive atmosphere, staff reviews and feedback sessions, competitive pay and free accommodation in Cambridge and half-board meals. In all of their supervisory roles, their staff have the chance to develop transferable skills such as communication, event planning, time-management and leadership skills. To find out more and apply please visit or email Application deadline: Monday 20th February

6. Christian Union Events Week - 6-10th Feb

"Human - Who are we?" — Christian Union Events Week From the 6-10th February the Cambridge Christian Union will be hosting a whole week of lunchtime and evening events, including talks, performances, music and interviews, all exploring what it means to be human. What makes us human? Where do we find our identity? So often at Cambridge, we let the busyness of the moment define who we are - but is there something more? Some of us at Selwyn will be walking down to the evening events, so feel free to get in contact with Dominic (djd63) or Cian (cdw45) if you'd like to come along or have any questions. The flyer outlining the details of all the events is also attached. Best wishes, Katy (she/her)


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