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Meeting 1 Minutes (22/01/23)

Updated: Jan 24

Minutes – 22/01/2023

1) Apologies

2) Introductions (ES)

a. All committee members introduced, EA late

3) Conduct (reminders from ES)

a. Three missed meeting = impeachment.

b. Lack of attendance: must notify the President and give your apologies.

c. Keep to Standing Orders.

d. If asked to comment in the media, let ES, GP or KC know – comments must be reflective of the Selwyn JCR.

e. No Selfessions – aware commenting as a member of the committee.

4) Dinner on Monday (ES)

5) GDPR (ES)

a. ES reminds everyone of the importance of GDPR.

6) Finances (BH)

a. Vote on all JCR funds:

i. Under £500 = no committee vote (discretion of Treasurer)

ii. Over £500 = committee vote

iii. Need money, contact BH = what is it for? Credited.

iv. Aim: run a deficit

b. Funds:

i. Cycle Safety Fund:

1. Fund approved

2. Amendment proposed: Bike lock: one claim a year per student

  • AS suggested raising the value of the fund

  • JC raised the cheapest price for a D-type lock is £30 on Halfords

  • Amendment passed: fund raised from £15 to £30

ii. Disabled Students’ Fund:

1. Fund approved

2. SJ suggested expanding the Fund to include carers as well - committee expressed support for the idea

3. SH suggested to delay any amendments until Disabled Students' Officer takes their position and to take account of any of their manifesto policies - committee agreed

iii. Emergency Medical Fund:

1. Fund approved

2. Covers unexpected medical costs may encounter at university e.g. sports injuries, morning after pill

3. Each student can claim £20

iv. Emergency Transport Fund:

1. Fund approved

2. Feeling unsafe, require transport to A&E in an emergency – can access for cost of travel

v. Gender Expression Fund:

1. Fund approved

vi. Menstrual Hygiene Fund:

1. Fund approved

2. Reusable menstrual hygiene products

vii. Sexual Health Fund:

1. Fund approved

viii. Clubs and Societies Fund:

1. Fund approved

2. £200 for Clubs and Socs

7) Big Survey (GP)

a. Chance to hear the views of the undergraduate body

b. Deadline for making of survey questions: 3rd Feb

c. GP encouraged all committee members to recommend a charity to donate the money raised from the Big Survey to.

8) Sunday Tea (GP)

a. Themed Sunday Teas – GP suggested Valentine’s Day and invited recommendations from others.

b. JCR Instagram – JCR student body can vote for the food they want

9) Cost of Living Working Group (GP)

a. Comparing Selwyn College to other Cambridge colleges.

b. Working group voted to be resumed.

10) Flag Flying (ES)

a. JCR only has 5 flags available to fly per year.

b. Committee google form to vote on the flags to be flown by college.

c. Results not announced in the meeting.

11) Stash (GP)

a. Google form and discussed Stash options.

12) Plant Based Universities Scheme - Cambridge (SM)

a. Motion at the Cambridge SU to support a climate campaign emphasising the importance of university catering to focus on current dietary choices to create a full Plant Based catering system.

b. Pledge for the university to work towards a Plant Based