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Election Results

Good evening!

I am pleased to announce the results of the JCR by-election, and extend my congratulations to the candidates that have been elected to join the committee this year:

  • Welfare Officer: Oketa Zogi Shala

  • International Officer: Yinbang Lan

Thank you to all the candidates for running brilliant campaigns and thank you to all those who voted.

For the unfilled role of Disabled Students' Officer, we will not be running an official election with a hard deadline. Instead, I urge anyone that wishes to apply to contact me. The JCR will then conduct a formal election process.

To those unsure of whether to apply, I encourage you to read the standing orders ( and contact either myself or any other member of the committee with any concerns or questions - it's an incredibly fulfilling and immensely important role, and I can't wait to hear from applicants!

JCR love always,

Elina x

Elina Smith (she/her)

Selwyn JCR President 2023

Posted to SelwynJCR website in blog form (with link corrected) by Computing Officer

Selwyn JCR By-Elections 2023-Welfare Officer (female_nb identifying)-Results-2156
Download CSV • 373B

Selwyn JCR By-Elections 2023-International Officer-Results-2157
Download CSV • 388B


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