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Within the College there is are several rooms dedicated to junior members of the college (undergraduates). You may also hear it being referred to as a common room, but this is a term originating from the other place and therefore should not be used in Cambridge. This area is confusingly also named the JCR. Within the JCR we have the following rooms:

Main area

This area is the largest in the JCR, featuring a built in kitchen for making snacks and drinks. The room has two table tennis tables, a pool table and table football. In addition there is a TV with a NowTV Subscription as well as a Wii and Xbox 360 for gamers. The room also has no shortage of seats, and is a great place for hosting events (just make sure you get permission from the dean if it's going to involve alcohol or people external to the college)!

Plans are being made to refurbish the JCR- so please get in contact if you have any ideas of what you would like to see introduced.

Mini Library

We've just started a mini library for non-academic books in the JCR. If you have any books you are willing to lend, please bring them to the JCR. If you have any questions get in contact with the Education and Development officer (


TV Room

The TV room allegedly has another Wii, PS4, Xbox, lots of games and plenty of seating. However, as of writing, (01/02/2022), the TV room is shut due to the pandemic and I have never been into it as I'm a first year undergraduate.


Computer Room

Contains 6 rather ancient computers and a photocopier.


Access statement:

The JCR is accessible to all undergraduate students via your room key. There is wheelchair access via a lift and t0 steps to the main entrance. There are a variety of seating including padded sofas and chairs, an accessible toilet, and the toilets are gender neutral. There are free menstrual products provided in all bathrooms. There isn't a hearing loop. There is general car parking, and blue badge parking by request in advance. You can contact us about access on

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