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Funds and Reimbursements

Emergency Medical Fund

The emergency travel fund covers unexpected medical costs you may encounter at university. This can include, but is not limited to: the morning after pill, expenses from sports injuries etc.

Each student is entitled to access £20, to apply please use the form below. The form is completely anonymous, so please make sure your bank details are correct and you attach a copy of your reciept, however it does require you to login via raven to access the form.

Any questions please get in contact with the treasurer 

Sexual Health Fund

The sexual health fund allows you to acquire the below items anonymously

  • CONDOMS (extra safe, extra large, snug fit, latex free, ribbed and dotted)

  • LUBE (water-based)


  • DENTAL DAMS (strawberry, grape)

  • FEMIDOMS (latex free)


Clubs & Societies Fund

Selwyn Clubs and Societies can apply to the JCR for funding at any point throughout the term. We encourage captains and presidents to use these payments to help widen participation and improve wellbeing for  their current and prospective members.
Please note that the JCR can only provide funding up-front to a  dedicated Society bank account. If your society does not have one, we would be happy to offer reimbursements if proof of purchase can be provided.
Don’t hesitate to contact our clubs and societies officer if you have any questions about accessing the fund.
Both methods of funding can be applied to through the following form:

Emergency Transport Fund

  • If you’re ever feeling unsafe and need to get back to college, or  require transport to A&E in an emergency, the JCR will cover the  costs of your journey.

  • Please send any for your journey to, alongside a brief explanation of the situation to claim a reimbursement.

Menstrual Hygiene Fund

As a continuation of our campaign against period poverty, the JCR are  pleased to announce the new ‘Menstrual Hygiene Fund’, in which students  can claim up to £25 a term for purchase of reusable  period products. All you need to do to access the fund is email the  gender equality officer on with your receipt of purchase and the JCR will refund you. This fund is  for anyone who would like to use it and there will be no questions  asked.

Termly reports

Please find the abridged termly reports for the JCR finances at the link below:

Don't hestitate to contact our Treasurer at if you have any questions or would like an extended version of the report!

Disabled Students Fund

The JCR Disabled Students' Fund was created so disabled students at Selwyn can get anonymous reimbursement of items they need.

The JCR Disabled Students' Fund has a cap of £160 per student, per term.  

Examples of potential claims include: adaptive clothing, disability-related apparatus and accessibility software.  The fund may also be used for any other disability or illness-related expense (including medications).

No questions will be asked and no medical evidence or proof of disability will be required to claim from the fund.

This form is completely anonymous and the only JCR Officer with access to the information you submit will be the JCR Disabled Students' Officer.  The JCR Treasurer will then transfer the money for your claim to your bank account.  Feel free to contact with any questions about the fund.


Porters' Taxi Float

  • A short-term lending service used when students have taken a taxi back to Selwyn and lack any other way to pay for it.

  • Located at the Porters’ lodge, approach them if you need to access it.

  • Repay the amount borrowed fully in notes within 24 hours (please do not repay in coins, keep any change from the taxi driver).

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Emergency Transport Fund - the loaned amount must be repaid before any claim can be considered.

Gender Expression Fund

  • The Gender Expression Fund offers to reimburse students for items which they might use in making themselves more comfortable with their gender presentation, such as (but not limited to) wigs, binders, concealing underwear and so on.

  • The fund is £60 per student per term.

  • To access this fund, please contact our LGBT+ Officer, or fill out the anonymous form at the link below:

Cycle Safety Fund

All Selwyn students are able to be reimbursed for:

  • Bike lights, 2 claims a year, up to £10 per claim.

  • Helmets, 1 claim a year, up to £15 per claim.

  • Bike locks, 1 claim a year, up to £30 per claim.

Claiming JCR Funds

  • To make a claim for any of the funds and reimbursements below, leave a signed copy of the receipt / proof of purchase, with your name, CRSid & bank details (or a request for cash), in the treasurer's pigeon hole, or send it to them via email.

  • You will be contacted by the Treasurer and receive your reimbursement within 7 days.

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